LaPiat implemented the Tier system for Chefs in order to help new Chefs maximize their sales. We found that as an unknown chefs customers are more willing to try one of your meals if the price is reasonable.

As you make more sales and your rating improves the limit for each dish you can post changes.

For a chef that just signed up, they are considered Tier 1. Tier 1 Chefs can only post dishes with price limited between $5-$10
Once the chefs makes 5 sales they become a Tier 2 Chef and the price limit goes up to $5-$15.
Once the Chef makes another 10 sales (so 15 overall) they become a Tier 3 chef and the posting limit goes up to $5-$20.
Tier 4 is reached after another 20 sales (35 overall) limit goes up $5-$25
Tier 5 is reached after another 30 sales (65 overall) and there the limits are not restricted anymore.