If you are unable to sign up for a new account because your number is already registered, please contact us.

It’s possible you’ve already registered for an LaPiat account.

We are here to help with questions about signing up to order with LaPiat.

If you are having trouble, first make sure that you have upgraded to the latest version of the app.

Let us know about any other issues you’re having with signing up by contacting us.

If a CVV number or billing postal code is entered incorrectly, you may later receive a message about an error processing your payment method after a order.

Try removing the payment method from your LaPiat account. Add it again, making sure all info is correct.

If you continue to receive messages about payment errors, contact your financial institution to verify that your payment account is active and verified internationally.

In order to use the LaPiat app to request a order, you must be 18 years of age or older.

You incoming orders are located on My Kitchen tab under incoming orders.

Your food posting can be located under My Kitchen tab, under My Dishes. There you can make the changes as you’ll like.

For Users:

The active food orders can be located under Order List tab

For Chefs:

You incoming orders are located on My Kitchen tab under incoming orders.

Your outgoing orders can be located under Order List tab.

On the main page press the + button, then press ‘Add a dish’

There you can provide:

  • the name of the dish,
  • description of the dish,
  • up to 4 pictures of the dish if you have any,
  • number of portions available,
  • price per portion
  • how long do you want this posting to be available,
  • The category for the dish, (more categories coming soon)
  • Time you require to prepare the dish.
  1. LaPiat Chef – Food enthusiast/Amateur Chef
  2. Certified Chef – Professional Chef with years of experience.
  3. Caterer – Catering company with a licenced kitchen. This category includes also food trucks and meal prep companies

  1. After you create a user Lapiat account, one the home page press the ‘+’ button.
  2. Then tap on the ‘Become a chef’
  3. The first page is the Background check, where you are asked to put your legal name and DOB, a photo of your face and also a photo of passport or driver licence. This documentation is used to perform a background check on the Chef to ensure safety.
  4. After pressing next, it takes you to The Kitchens set up screen. This screen you can specify your transportation method, if delivery the radius and the fee, your Chef categorization, your kitchen address and picture of the kitchen. The kitchen address will be used as a point of reference in your order, if its pick up that is the address that the user will go to.
  5. After pressing next, it will take you to the bank account information. This is where you can specify if you are a business or and individual. Add your Legal Name, BOD, SIN number and attach a photo ID. You will be able to add the rest of the banking information such as your account number, transit number etc. in the option tab under bank information at a later time.
  6. Press next and you should be good to start posting.