• Spread the word in your community
  • Increase your sales
  • Create a loyal customer base on your neighborhood

Starting from FREE

Market your own local area. Usually people tend to order a lot more through local restaurants. Let them know that you are here as well by what’s better than providing flyers at their mailbox.

We make life easier for you, we create your flyer with your restaurant name and then mail them on your neighbourhood. All you have to worry about is fulfilling the new orders that come in.


You can also download the flyer below, add your restaurant name, print a few copies and take them door to door.


If you want us to do this service, our team will print 500 flyers for $60, 1000 for $80 and we can mail them to your address. If you want us to also do the delivery we can provide this service for 20 cents a flyer.

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