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LaPiat – The First Of A Kind Food Sharing App

Many people are now perfectly happy to have the opportunity to have a house in any place in the world thanks to Airbnb.  Uber made it possible to have a personal chuffer driving you wherever you like. So what about an app that provides you the opportunity to have a private chef? Well that is what LaPiat does. LaPiat allows chefs to provide cooked meal independently from their kitchen.



Sharing is caring and LaPiat provides a win- win situation for everyone. The chefs make extra income while being in the kitchen and can make a name for themselves while those ordering can save precious time & money that was previously dedicated for the kitchen.Customers will be able to see the ingredients used in all meals prepared, made available through video or pictures. They will be served healthy choices with a fraction of restaurant prices.

LaPiat provides variety in different food choices that you are not able to find anywhere else. If you are looking for a special diet, or just healthy food in general, you can find it here. Most people fail diets because it is hard to cook a specific diet for such a long time, but if you need a keto diet, high energy diet, or just want a healthy diet, LaPiat has chefs that are focused and experts on that.
I bet everyone has at least a few good friend, or family member that loves to entertain and are amazing cooks, but this people would never be able to open up a restaurant or take out place, even though it might be their dream, it will be impossible for them to afford to open one. This app can provide this opportunity to them.
Food sharing is a win-win situation for everyone, those that like to eat healthy without spending hours in the kitchen, and those whose passion for cooking can finally create an opportunity for extra income.



My mother spend most of her time in the kitchen, which she does with lots of passion, but her efforts, apart from our family showing appreciation for her food, never got financially recognized. LaPiat will give opportunity to all stay at home moms or dads to make some extra cash, at least for their efforts in the kitchen.While popular food apps such as Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, Foodora, Ritual or Just Eat are focused in being the platform between you and restaurants.
LaPiat focuses on everyone else to share their food with you such as Food Enthusiast, Certified Chefs, Culinary Students, Catering Companies, Meal prep companies and Food trucks.LaPiat application is very user friendly. All our chefs can post a meal with description on how it is made and the specific ingredients used, accompanied by pictures, videos of meal preparation, the time required for preparation and price per portion. The ordering can be conducted with a simple click through the app.
Any chef can deliver for an extra fee or they can request the buyer to pick it up from their location.  Throughout the whole process the chef and its customer can be in contact with each other.

For example as I reach work in the morning, I can scroll through the meals available & order my meal to be prepared. On the way home I stop to pick it up. I can always also order in advance, for the week ahead as well.


Food safety is an important feature of any business operating in the food industry.  LaPiat has designed a set of rigorous vetting process, adhering to the laws and safety regulations in place.

  1. LaPiat require that all chefs have completed the Ontario Food Handling Certificate.
  2. All chefs will be required so sing up with their ID. A background check matching the ID with the person signing up will be performed.
  3. LaPiat provides a checklist of items regarding safety regulations, personal and kitchen hygiene, food handling, food storage, knowledge on allergies, etc. This checklist is based and matches the city food regulations. LaPiat chefs have to fully agree with and have to demonstrate that they understand and comply with the checklist.
  4. Each LaPiat Chef will agree on random checks that will have to be completed to ensure compliance. This checks will be done by a visit to the kitchen facilities or by phone interview.
  5. A system of reviews from customers will also be in place. LaPiat believes that the review process is a big part to ensure compliance because the food industry is very hostile as one bad review can be the difference between your business shooting up or shooting down.


Sharing industry has provided us the mean to live like the rich and famous without paying the same price. Moreover food sharing app like LaPiat provides everyone the opportunity to finally have a private chef and allow you to eat healthier, control what you eat, reduce food waste while saving or making you money.