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How to take proper food pictures

Your menu and your food photos are the first interactions with your new customers. They are a direct representation of you and your new brand. Almost all the sales that you will get in the future will be based on how customers perceive this information. Always remember customers eat with their eyes first before they eat with their mouth and the better your food looks the more potential sales you will have!!!

In this email we will be covering the basics of food photography. The four basic elements of taking good food photos are as followed:
(if you don’t link reading you can just skip to the end where we have a few videos that will show you how to make your food photos look amazing)


Plating – the way you arrange your food onto your plate or serve your dishes.


– Plate symmetrically and start from the middle moving outwards. The more symmetrical something is the more visually appealing!

– Use different patterns with sauces as if you are drawing a picture to set it apart. For example, diagonal lines from one side of the plate to the other or swirling lines from the centre! Remember food is an art!

– Try using wood such as e cutting board or wooden bowl for a cozy home feeling. Use a metal bowl for a sleeker modern dish.

– Try using different color plates to make the colors of your food pop with contrasting colors. For example, white plates with dark product or vice versa.



Lighting – using lights and shadows to highlight your food’s beautiful colors, textures and depths.


– Light from the side helps show texture. For example, you might want to show the crisp of your pizza crust or the perfect sear on meat.

– Direct light from the front isn’t ideal as it causes deep shadows. Try moving your light around to the top or to the back for a different look!

– Want to highlight that juicy piece of meat on the middle of your dish! Focus the light on the area of the dish you want to highlight!

Composition – you have all your elements for your photo and your ready to put it all together! This is the placement of all your objects together.


– Don’t complicate it. Try taking a photo of your plate with a neutral background that isn’t crowded. Remember you want your customers to focus on your food and not the background.

– A nice neat shot which you can do with most cameras now is to blur the background out and focus on the food with different filters on your phone!

– Want to try something more artistic? Try taking a photo with one of your ingredients close by to the plate. For example, if your are making an apple pie, place a fresh apple on the side.




Using editing tools helps us make photos more appealing to the eyes and touch up anything we couldn’t create naturally. Instagram filters can be a very handy and neat tool.


– Upload your photo onto Instagram and use the easy to use filter set up and see what kind of magic filters and editing can bring to your photos!

– Remember to keep your food natural looking and as close to the real thing as possible. You’re not trying to trick your customers your trying to highlight the beauty of it!

Below is a link to a video that helps explain various techniques on how to take amazing food photos.





Now what are you waiting for? Go use these new exciting techniques to make your food look the best it can and get your first sales on LaPiat!!