How to order food

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Browse The Available Food

Scroll through the available food in your area!
Search for those gourmet meals, healthy meals, or whatever you are craving. LaPiat has a wide range of Chefs with different backgrounds.
If you are looking for cheap or fancy, we’ve got it!


Request Your Food

Once you have decided on your meal choice, request it with a click!
The Chef will keep you updated on the progress of your meal from start to finish. If you have any questions for your Chef feel free to send them a message at any time.


Delicious Food on the way!

Your gourmet made food will be arriving shortly!
During the ordering process you are able to specify the transportation method, delivery or pick up. Feel free to use the chat feature to coordinate with the Chef.

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Unlimited food options

Are you tired of repetitive meals and boring ingredients?

Browse the food available in your area from delicious comfort food favorites to unique and exotic fine cuisine – you will always find something you love!

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Save time

How much time would you save if you didn’t need to buy the groceries, plan the menu and prepare your dinner for tonight? Now you can order convenient gourmet prepared meals from LaPiat and optimize your spare time!

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Save Money on Food

Have you considered the amount of money you spend eating out?

Cooking your favorite dish at home can also be expensive!

Food sharing significantly lowers the price of food and reduces food waste substantially.