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How to build your menu the right way

The cuisine and the flavor of your food is what most customers focus on when they are deciding what to eat. How you describe the dishes on your menu can help build anticipation, and a good menu description could even convince a hesitant customer to try something new. Your menu is your showcase. Make sure you take some time and perfect it with great photos and enticing descriptions to lure your potential customers in.

A few quick tips to get you started!


Keep it simple


Try to choose a cuisine, fusion, or trend to follow. Make your primary known dishes your main dishes and if you want to try out new flavors and cuisines make them into specials. You want your strongest and most well practiced dishes to be your main showcase as it will be your main money maker and also put a dish to your face so everyone can get a feel of who you are! Brand your best dish to yourself to start!

A menu with many different items will often scare a customer away. Menu anxiety is a real thing! How many times have you been overwhelmed by all the options at a restaurant. At the start it suggested to have a few items on the menu. This will provide you more time to prep and to pay attention to these dishes, while constantly improving them. This will also reduce your food waste and make you able to streamline other items quicker and more efficiently. You are the master of your kitchen and you are only capable of preparing as much as your kitchen allows you too! Two or 3 items to start will allow you to keep your shopping list easy and your preparation time manageable.

Use descriptive words


For each item on your menu try to describe the taste, the texture , the preparation method, and the ingredients! You want to be as straight forward as possible without leaving anything out !

Fried chicken on rice with sesame and spicy mayo


Hand-cut Juicy chicken thighs fried to a golden crisp served on sushi rice


•House-made Sesame vinaigrette •Spicy mayo •Green onions •Nanami pepper

Both describe the dish but which are you more willing to order?

Remember to use enticing words to describe your dishes

Fresh! Home-made! Hand-cut! Fresh to order! Crunchy! Juicy! Hand-rubbed! 

Always highlight an exotic ingredient used if applicable!
Something different is always interesting to a customer! Why not bring out that waygu steak not many people offer?

Think about securing a market or a niche

There are not as many vegan cooks or keto specialist! Look into different niches or markets to capitalize your profits. It will be hard to break into the market if you are offering the same thing as everyone else. Bring something different to the table then most restaurants can by leveraging your low overhead cost to your advantage! A niche product will increase your revenue, brand and costumers much faster.

Menu prices
The menu prices will work on a Tier system.  This will provide new chefs a better method to break into the virtual restaurant world and attract new customers, while also rewarding our senior entrepreneur chefs. Once you start the prices for each menu item will be capped to $10, as your sales grow the cap limit will increase until there is no limit on price.

Food cost
We recommend you spend no more then 45-55 percent total on your food cost for your first dish. For example, if the ingredients used cost you 5 dollars charge 10 dollars for your first order. Anything higher then 55 percent will cut into your profits!
Normal restaurants have rent, staff and other various overheads to cover including giving up to 30 percent to food delivery platform. The food cost must go no higher then 25 percent to run a profit. With LaPiat You have the freedom to charge less for great food and undercut the competition of restaurants and other platforms such as Uber Eats or Skip The Dishes!

Menu consulting
We understand that you might be new to this and need some help in setting up, that’s why we can also connect you with one of our Chef consultant that can provide help in setting up your menu and tips on how to best run your new LaPiat restaurant business.

Use this link to book an one hour consultation:

Now head on over to the LaPiat app and get your new side hustle started and turn it into a reality of making an income.