The Cooks

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Create the Dish

What are you cooking today?!

Provide a description with some photos of your dish. Price the dish. Post the dish on the app.


Accept the Order

Once a user has requested your dish, accept it!

Accept the request. All payment will be completed through the app.


Prepare the Dish

Prepare the dish to fulfill the order!

Wait for the user to pick-up the meal, or deliver the meal for an extra fee.

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Do you enjoy cooking?

If you are fond of cooking and it brings you happiness, now you have a reason to do it more often!

If you are cooking already (which most of us are because no one can afford eating at fancy restaurants every night) might as well get paid for it.

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Make Extra Cash

The opportunity is here why not take it!

Selling a few meals a week can add up to quite a lot of money in no time.

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Flexible Schedule

Cook food on your own schedule!

You are in control when you cook and post your meals. Cook your meals within whatever window of time you have available.