For Chefs

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Create the Dish

What are you planning to prepare today?

Once you decide, provide a description with some photos of what you will be preparing.

Price the dish. Post the dish on the app.


Accept the Order

Users will be able to request your dish, right through the app. When that happens, you will get a notification.

Accept the request! All payments will be completed through the app.


Prepare the Dish

Prepare the dish to fulfill the order!

Wait for the user to pick-up the meal, or deliver the meal for an extra fee.

For any questions, you can get in touch with each other via the chat feature.

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Do you enjoy cooking?

If you love cooking and it brings you happiness, now you have a reason to do it more often!

If you like the Chef life or just want everyone to try your delicious meals then LaPiat is for you.

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Make Extra Cash

The opportunity is here why not take it!

Selling a few meals per week can add up quickly

Make some money doing what you love!

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Flexible Schedule

Be in control of your own schedule!

You are in charge of food preparation and timing.

Create your meals in whatever window of time you have available.