Food Safety Starts with Trust.

How LaPiat ensures a safe and delightful experience.


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Chefs & Customers

Chef Vetting Process

As part of our vetting process, all potential Chefs are required to go through an extensive Identification Process.  Chefs are required to provide government issued identification and have their identification verified. They are also assessed on their cooking experience, motivation for cooking with LaPiat, and community involvement. This helps us ensure that all of our Chefs will provide customers with an exceptional experience.

Customer Reviews

To further increase our chefs’ accountability to their customers, the Lapiat application allows users to provide a public review of their experience with the meal. Customers assess each meal on the basis of food quality, pick up experience, portion size, and value.
Our chefs love to feed and nourish people, particularly people in their communities, and they’re highly motivated to prepare food safely due to the personal and intimate nature of the LaPiat experience.

We take trust and safety very seriously

At LaPiat, we take trust and safety very seriously. Although chefs on our platform are ultimately responsible for food safety, they are vetted by the LaPiat team and are held to high standards.
Lapiat has created its own approval process that each chef must complete before they can offer meals on the platform. LaPiat merely provides a platform for independent chefs, bakers and caterers to offer their meals or baked goods. Accordingly, food safety remains the ultimate responsibility of the Chef from whom you purchase. More information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.


A Food Handler Certificate

LaPiat requires that all of our chefs to have completed & carry a Food Handler certificate, for food safety training. All food service employees in restaurants or catering companies serving food are required to posses a Food Handler Certificate.