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What is LaPiat?

LaPiat isn't a restaurant, nor does it connect you to other restaurants. What we do is we support a network of talented chefs & caterers who want to share their culture, their passion, and most importantly their food with you.

What and when can I order?

The best part of food sharing is that there is no set menus. Our chefs just like yourself have their own schedules, and cook in the way that is most authentic to their lifestyle. The LaPiat app makes it easy to scroll through the food available in your area and talk to the chef through the ordering process. LaPiat powers a diverse group of chefs with a wide range of flavour inspirations. All of our Chefs are sharing the meals that they've cooked with care.

How is it different?

Unlike restaurants and other industrialized food services, the Lapiat experience might not be exactly the same every time. Our Chefs come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, and enjoy cooking different kinds of food. The variety and uniqueness of each experience is something we embrace. It's part of what makes our community so special!

Who are the Cooks?

LaPiat believes in creating more inclusive opportunities in food for people who need it the most – so everyone can share their food. If you are cooking breakfast in the morning- make two and sell one! You have that special dish that you always brag about and know it’s the BOMB - let everyone else try it. Cooking is the most fundamental lever of social bonding, and the food industry has removed the connecting experience that cooking and eating together provides. LaPiat is the food freedom, the revolution in food industry. Our Chefs are divided into three categories, LaPiat Chefs, Certified Chefs & Caterers.  

Are you looking for Healthy Options?

LaPiat understands the correlation between home cooking and healthy food. We know how much healthier home cooked meals are compared to franchise restaurants. Long story short, if you are looking for healthy options then you will find it here. Also, you will always be in contact with the chef through the ordering process so you will be able to ask questions or make changes to your order.

Is it safe to order food from LaPiat?

At LaPiat, safety in our number one priority. Although Chefs on our platform are ultimately responsible for food safety, they are personally checked by the LaPiat team and are held to high standards. LaPiat provides a platform for independent Chefs to offer their meals. Accordingly, food safety remains the ultimate responsibility of the chef from whom you purchase. Our chefs love to feed and nourish people, particularly people in their communities, and they're highly motivated to prepare food safely due to the personal and intimate nature of this new experience.