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What is LaPiat?

LaPiat isn't a restaurant, nor does it connect you to other restaurants. What we do is we support a network of talented chefs, bakers & caterers who want to share their culture, their passion, and most importantly their food with you.

What and when can I order?

LaPiat offers a variety of meals and other food items while accommodating a wide range of cuisines and diets. A description, which will contain, all ingredients and the time required for the item to be prepared will be listed for each offered item, which can be browsed via pictures or videos. If you are looking for a healthy meal, a vegan meal, or some comfort food, you can find it here. The food options are limitless!

How is it different?

Sharing is caring! LaPiat provides a win-win relationship for all users: those who wish to purchase food through the app and get convenient delivered or picked up delicious meals while saving time in the kitchen; those who wish to sell their gourmet food or baked goods through the app for get extra income from their passion or business.

Who are the Chefs?

At LaPiat you will be able to find a large number of passionate independent local Chefs, Bakers and Caterers. The list of providers includes Professional Chefs, Food enthusiast, Bakers, Catering Companies, Meal-Prep Companies, Food Trucks, and Culinary Students who want to share their delicious food with you  

What are the benefits of using LaPiat?

Whether you need to save precious time in the kitchen, want to get gourmet prepared meals at a fraction of restaurant and takeout prices, or want an extra income from preparing meals in your kitchen, the benefits of using LaPiat, the food sharing app, are endless.

Is it safe to order food from LaPiat?

At LaPiat, safety in our number one priority. Although Chefs on our platform are ultimately responsible for food safety, they are personally checked by the LaPiat team and are held to high standards. LaPiat provides a platform for independent Chefs to offer their meals. Accordingly, food safety remains the ultimate responsibility of the chef from whom you purchase. Our chefs love to feed and nourish people, particularly people in their communities, and they're highly motivated to prepare food safely due to the personal and intimate nature of this new experience.