How LaPiat uses location information (iOS)

LaPiat uses your device’s location services to make it easier to get a safe, reliable order whenever you need one. Location data helps improve our services, including pickups, delivery, navigation, customer support, and more.

If you’re using an iOS device, you have 3 location settings to choose from:

Always: We may collect location information from the time you open the LaPiat app until your order ends or is canceled. This includes when your app is in the background.

While Using the App: We may collect location information when the app is visible on screen. If we provide a feature in the future that needs your location in the background, we will ask for your permission. You’ll get a notice on your screen if location is ever being collected in the background while you are in the “While Using” setting.

Never: Selecting “Never” disables location services for the app. You can still use the LaPiat app, but you’ll need to enter your locations manually.

You can manage location settings on your device. To do this:
1. Open your device’s Settings
2. Tap “Privacy,” then “Location Services”
3. Select “LaPiat”
4. Select “Always,” “While Using the App,” or “Never”

Note: There are special circumstances, such as preventing fraud and responding to safety incidents, where LaPiat may collect background location for any order in the “While Using” setting. A notice would appear onscreen in such a case.

We treat your location information consistently with our User Privacy Statement.