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22 Signs you are a true Chef

Here then are 22 signs that you’re a true chef.

1. A person whose wardrobe is limited to hounds-tooth pants, white double-breasted jackets, and aprons.

2. A person who carries an arsenal of knives with him or her – always close to his or her side.

3. A person who tends to eat meals while standing up – preferably over a trash can to catch the crumbs.

4. A person who communicates using a language that is foreign to anyone else, yet is universal to those who wear the uniform.

5. A person who frequently talks to him or herself – usually in a walk-in cooler.

6. A person who has an unusual fascination with and love of open flames.

7. A person with little to no feeling in his or her hands – the callouses are multi-layered.

8. A person who considers burns and cuts to be badges of honour.

9. A person who either has no tattoos or one who has very little visible body space without tattoos.

10. A person who yells “behind” every time he or she approaches someone else whether in the kitchen, at home, or on the street.

11. A person who carries a perpetual odor of fish, onions, garlic, or grilled meat.

12. A person who has a difficult time holding back critique of another person’s food – even his or her mother’s.

13. A person who prefers to be called “chef” all the time, by everyone, including immediate family.

14. A person who has almost no short-term memory of anything that doesn’t have to do with the kitchen.

15. A person who will likely forget to pay bills not because he or she lacks the funds, but because anything other than working is not a priority.

16. A person who maintains way too many boxes of cornstarch without any explanation why (only restaurant people will get this).

17. A person who owns more cookbooks than could be read in a typical lifetime.

18. A person with a heart of gold and a temper like an angry ninja.

19. A person who can easily embarrass friends with his or her fiery language full of expletives.

20. A person who’s swollen hands and ankles turn heads and make others rather squeamish.

21. A person who is rough and crusty, but gentle and artistic when it comes to plating food.

22. A person who loves and hates his or job at the same time.


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